Bussen Family: Saturday Storytelling Session

Meet the Bussens!

This ridiculously adorable family was so pumped about their storytelling session! There was no pressure, no posing, no angry children, no stressed out mama, and the end result was phenomenal. There is a video film to go along with their photos that they will get to look back on as well. We started off getting to know each other and asking the girls what they liked to do for fun, etc. It is important to loosen up and create a relationship because it lets down the guard. You know, the guard we all put up of anxiety and stress when someone puts a camera in your face? Yep - that guard. The girls loved showing me their pets and showing me their talents of violin and soccer! We then went outside and walked the trail (for about 5 minutes because it was freezing), but it was a perfect time for the girls to interact with mom and dad naturally.

I cannot wait to do more of these sessions! It truly captures what each family lives through on a daily basis: the messiness, the imperfections, the laughter and the love. Which is what life is all about. 

Each storytelling session includes a 2-3 minute film of your session along with digital images and a print box of your favorites. Contact me to book your session (Feb, March and April).


Melissa Jane

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