I was so thrilled when Ginny asked me to be her photographer! I have known Trevor since he has a little boy and I met Ginny when we worked at State Farm together. I actually remember the day she came over to my cubicle and asked me about Trevor knowing that we grew up together. She was nervous to go on a date with him because he was "so much younger" than her ;)

Well, five years later here we are! They are a perfect match and they compliment each other so well. Their wedding took place out at Trevor's parents and it was the most relaxed/non traditional celebration. They both wanted to celebrate their love for each other with their family immediately after the ceremony - instead of doing the traditional dances, cake cutting, etc. They were ready to mingle and get the celebration started! Ginny and Trevor looked beautiful on their special day and their photos prove that.

Not that they need any, but best of luck to the newlyweds!


Melissa Jane