New Studio up in here!! I am so friggin' excited to have this space for you all to come in and relax while we go over your images. It look A. LOT. OF. TIME to get this thing up and running. I mean... just look at the before photos. Yikeys! 

My husband and I (along with a few of his buddies) did a lot of work to get this space presentable and functional. My husband, a taxidermist, utilizes the area behind my desk all the way to the back of the building. If you come in to view your photos you *may or may not* see some deer antlers poking up above my desk area. I am so glad that we are both able to use this building for our business because let me tell you - moving a deer hide out of the way to grab some milk from the fridge was getting reallllllyy old. And it's just gross - so there's that. 

Like I said, we built a separating wall between the both of us, opened up the side door that was paneled over and then did the obvious cosmetic fixes. After the essential fixes were complete we started arranging furniture and decorating. It isn't quite perfect, but I am extremely happy with the finished product and it serves its purpose to the fullest! I am able to do newborn/small infant sessions during the winter and have a comfortable space for all of you to come and view your images with me for your reveal/ordering session. 

Thank you everyone for the support and the amazing adventures you let me photograph.


Melissa Jane

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