2017 Graduates in Review

There are some wonderfully talented and amazing young adults in our area! I can't believe I met 30 high school seniors and getting to know them was pretty special! What they want to do with their life, what they are going to miss about high school, what colleges they are looking at attending. I love hearing everyones hopes and dreams! Oh, to be young again (insert wink emoji here).

High School senior sessions are the absolute best. It's all about making young adults (that are about to tackle the real world) feel confident in themselves and comfortable with who they are. Boosting confidence can help young adults in so many ways and I love giving that gift to them. How we feel about ourselves on the outside can effect how we feel on the inside.  Aside from making everyone feel and look beautiful, we also have a lot of fun together! Laughing, chatting and me freaking out after every shot because they are nailing every pose. It's pretty great :) 

Last, but not least, all of my senior clients will have prints that will last for years and years. They are the most photographed generation, but grew up in the age of digital so there are hardly any prints of them floating around. These special seniors will have prints to hold on to for a lifetime and share with their own kids in the future!

Thanks for a great year and I am anxiously awaiting to see what 2017 brings!


Melissa Jane

Melissa GrindstaffComment