Mr. & Mrs. Lenz

Emilee and Travous had their wedding in November and it very well could have been the prettiest day of the month. The weather was fantastic, the venue was beautiful and the bride and groom were stunning! They did the "first look" option, which in my opinion is such a sweet way to capture some alone time during the chaos of a wedding. From getting ready, to the ceremony, to reception everything is a whirlwind. Before you know it the day has come and gone in a blink of an eye. The "first look" option allows the bride and groom to really soak it all in together. It provides them with an intimate environment with just the two of them to relish in their joy. 

The day went off without a hitch (besides giving me the wrong rings to photograph ;) - we fixed that issue after I spotted a ring on her finger which was not the ring I photographed!). Other than that it was a perfect day and I am so grateful they selected me to document it. 


Melissa Jane

PS - I am trying to get better about blogging. You know how habits are suppose to be bad? Yeah - blogging, well lack there of, is my bad habit. Please forgive me!

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