Ariana High School Senior 2016

I am gonna go all valley/California/sorority girl on you, but I CANT EVEN. I literally cannot handle this session. Ariana is such a natural beauty and a natural in front of the camera. I love that she embraces her heritage and took some photos in her traditional gown. She also expressed herself through her own clothing choices which were phenomenal. 

We started off with hair and makeup by the amazing Kasi (but let's be serious... Ariana's hair is to die for). Then we went to University of Missouri campus for part of the session and also a neat little creek downtown. Towards the end of the session we drove up to Shelter Gardens right as the sun was setting and BAM! The sunlight coming through the trees was unreal. I can't make this stuff up people. The sun was definitely on my side that night! I had so much fun with her and she knew exactly what type of look she was wanting to portray. I would say that her session was 100000x a success. 

This is why I love senior portraits. It is a few short hours completely revolving around the senior and highlighting their personality as they enter adulthood. 

-Melissa Jane

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