Grace is ONE

I have had the pleasure photographing Grace for the past year (added bonus: being amused by her older brothers Henry and Jack every couple of months). Grace is now a year old and I am so sad I will not get to see her as often as I did this year. *Hopefully* mom and dad will be bringing her back to me for her 2 year session and so on. I was able to witness her tiny baby fingers, her 6 month crawl, her two bottom teeth popping up at 9 months and then the clumsy drunk walk that one year olds do, haha! I love doing the My First Year package with families because it really is amazing to look back and see how quickly babies change. They turn into tiny little people so fast and you can't rewind. However, you can jump back in time by looking through photos and remembering certain characteristics. Special quirks your child had at that moment in time. 

For Grace's one year session we had some simple props and used the awesome tree/field right behind my studio and then we changed outfits and went out in front of my studio and did some sibling shots! She loves her brothers SO much. It was so funny to watch her smile and giggle at her brothers. They show alotta love towards her and I was glad to get some of the candid stuff on camera.

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Love y'all,