Mr. & Mrs. Vomund

Where to begin with these two? They are so perfect for each other it is unreal. Their personalities compliment each other so well and they truly are best friends! I honestly am so honored that they picked me to capture their day. 

Speaking of their day... Holy Tornado! Let me just start from the beginning.

 June 13, 2016. Arrive at The Broadway Hotel downtown (mistakenly went to the wrong suite and barged in on another wedding party which happened to be some of my high school peeps from Ashland...awkward!). Corrected myself and found Jess and the girls. I have never been around such a calm wedding party. By calm I mean - relaaaaxed. No frantic running around, no crazy situation to where someone forgot their bra, no stressed out bride. Everyone was just hanging out enjoying their morning. It was quite nice. I then go up to the boys room and HA! Completely opposite of calm ;) I'm kidding - they were calm just a little "excited". The boys went in on a gift for Eddie and got him a crossbow. A friggin' crossbow. Eddie has an obsession with guns and owns almost every gun made in the history of guns so they got him a crossbow. We had some fun with those pics. The girls did too! 

1:30pm: Wedding party is on the bus to head to the wedding. At this point, we are all a little nervous about the weather. It's looking bad...real bad. No one stresses though! I was extremely impressed with how Jess didn't freak out. She was just going with the flow! The bus ride was interesting to say the least. What a fun group of adults! 

2:00pm: Arrive at Les Bourgeois and we can see the ridiculously dark storm cloud behind the bluff. The groomsmen help usher everyone to their seats so we can get this show on the road before that dark storm cloud is on TOP of us. Everyone is in place and as soon as Jess is walking down the aisle with her father it starts to sprinkle, like a hard sprinkle. Jess looks stunning and is grinning from ear to ear with all eyes on her and she lets out a, "We're doing this! Keep it going!". Rain ain't gonna stop her parade. It was a beautiful ceremony, the entire 5 minutes of it. We all rush inside everyone is congratulating the newlyweds. After we take traditional family pictures I notice that the rain has stopped.

3:00pm: Everyone is on the bus and aware that the rain may come back at any moment so everyone has to be on point and ready to go no matter what. It turned out to be a beautiful sunny, yet cloudy, afternoon! We did some photos in the vineyards and then headed downtown. Even got a picture with a cop! 

5:00pm: Riding around on the party bus and we start to see the storm cloud develop again and we are getting tornado warnings from every cell phone on that bus. I told jess it would be Awesome to get a picture of her and Eddie in a field with those clouds behind them. She was game! We hopped out of the bus and ran to a field. A super muddy field. Jess kicked off her heels and walked barefoot through the mud. Just as we got in place one of the guys jumps off the bus and yells at us, " We have got to go NOW! Get back on the bus NOW!". I'm over here like Helen Hunt from Twister thinking, "Waaaittt!! Just a little bit longer!!!". Heck, I would have stood out there waiting for a tornado to form in the background! But nope - back on the bus we go. We head to Jess and Eddie's house to the basement and only half of us make it off the bus before the torrential downpour occurs. Half of us are inside and half are on the bus, Jess being one of them. Tornado sirens are going off and everyone is slightly freaking out. Storm stops, no tornado, everyone back on the bus. 

6:30pm: Everyone is alive and well. Time to head to the reception. 

7:00pm: Reception is a hit and everyone has a wonderful time! Laughing, celebrating, dancing, drinking.

Phew what a crazy day! But, it happened and it was amazing. Congrats to Eddie and Jess!



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