Haslag Family

I met Erin off craigslist (totally not creepy I swear) because she posted that she was looking for a professional photographer to take some pictures for her blogsite. We met for lunch and hit it off! I am pretty sure that is the only time in the history of mankind that two 100% normal people met up off craigslist and didn't end up robbed or dead. We stayed in contact over the year and she called me up to do some family photos of her entire family. I was THRILLED! After two reschedules due to rain we finally made it happen. They came from all over mid missouri to do this shoot and what a joy her family is. Everyone was so relaxed, yet involved. I loved how I couldn't tell which child belonged to who. All of the "kids" (aka young adults) took care of the "babies" as if they were their own. Love families that are like that!

We started off downtown behind Fretboard coffee - super awesome place. If you haven't been, GO! Then we walked on down to the courthouse to finish up the session. Thank you, Haslag family, for allowing me to be a part of your day.