Long Time No Talk!

Sheesh! I have been so swamped with shoots that I have neglected my blog! I have compiled a few of my favorite pictures that I didn't post on my facebook page. I honestly have the best clients, the best kiddos and the best support system! I could not do any of this without you guys! Nothing makes me happier than to see everyone light up with joy when they see their images. It is a different type of happiness that, truthfully, is a feeling not many people get to experience.
I am a little overwhelmed at the amount of photos I have taken in the month of September and the amount of photos I have scheduled for October. I totally get that Missouri's fall season is the PRETTIEST season ever...but I only have so many days in the month that I can schedule sessions. I sincerely apologize if I was not able to book you. I try my hardest to book everyone that I possibly can, but in reality I am still a mom and wife and need time to sleep ;)

Now that MxMJ has been up and running for some time I wanted to share a few tips and friendly reminders. This is not meant to be negative or demeaning so please read this in the softest and happiest voice!

If you are thinking about booking a session with me (which I hope you do!) please do not wait 2-3 weeks beforehand to schedule something with me. For example, if you are really wanting spring pictures in April then I suggest booking your date with me no later than the end of January. I am bookin' up quick people!

If you book a session with me please keep in mind that I blocked off that spot specifically for you. If you cancel last minute it leaves me with an open spot that another family potentially would have scheduled. I completely understand that life happens! Kids get sick, the dog needed emergency surgery, etc. which is out of your control. But if you want to cancel on your own terms then please let me know asap so I can try and fill that spot up. Also, to try and reschedule/postpone a session is a little difficult because, again, I am booked so far out.

I charge for all sessions regardless of who it is.  Sure I give away free mini's, but for the most part everyone pays at the time of service. Yes, I even charge my mother. I do not mean to offend family or friends, but taking photos and editing them takes a lot of time, which is time away from my family. That is understandable right?

I absolutely love weddings - they are beautiful (emotionally and aesthetically)! There is nothing better than capturing true moments between a bride and her groom. However, they require A LOT of physical and mental work. I have decided in order to keep weekend availability for my family/children/senior shoots I am only booking 10 weddings per year.

Lastly, I am asked frequently if the images are allowed to be shared on social media. The answer is... Of course!! Please, go right ahead! They are your images and the rights to them have been released to you. You can blow them up and put them on a billboard if you really wanted to! However, if you do alter the image in any way (instagram filter, etc) then please do not credit MxMJ because technically it is not my work anymore.


Phewww! Ok that wasn't so bad right? Most of those are common sense, but I just felt like some of them needed to be addressed. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. Ok enough business talk, enjoy the pictures below!

Thanks again for all of your support. I'll be seeing you. :)





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