What to wear, what to wear?

This is always the question that pops into a person's head once he/she has made an appointment with a photographer. I am asked time and time again, "What should we wear?!". For some people picking out clothes for their loved one, the kids and a bow tie for the dog can be such a daunting task. I have found that a lot of people like to play it safe and want everyone to wear jeans with the tops that may be the same color. And then there are families that take "mix-and-match patterns" to an extreme. Do not get me wrong, I think both of those routes are right (well, partially right), but if you just combine those two styles.... BAM... you have an awesome clothing selection for your photo shoot!

There are so many different colors that go well together and accent each other so it is not necessary to have everyone wear Blue. It is good to pick a main color and then accent around it so do not be afraid to mix some colors into your "blue" theme - Blue, teal, orange, tan- OR - Blue, lavender, mint green and white. Get on pinterest (you know you look at it daily anyways ;) ) and look around for some color scheme ideas. I am always looking at different color palettes because it helps clarify my vision of style, colors and patterns. I. LOVE. PATTERNS. Which is another thing people are afraid to do, or in some cases not afraid at all, add some patterns into your selection. Mixing plaids, florals and chevron prints can be fun and add some spunk to your photo shoot. However, you do not want to over do it! Don't be afraid to get creative and if your aren't sure that some pieces will mix in well go ahead and bring them to the shoot and the photographer should be able to tell you what will work!

Below are some ideas for clothing selections that I have made based on the color palette that I liked. There is a casual-dressy theme with neutral colors. Outfits like that are good for sessions that are going to take place somewhere that has a colorful background. The next outfit is for a really casual shoot that would be taken at a park (or something similar). Bold and fun colors are good to wear when the shoot will take place somewhere pretty neutral. That way you and your family stick out! Lastly, I picked out some outfits for a dressier shoot. I really liked the bold colors/prints that have a hint of pastel. Since it is for a dressier shoot it would look good someplace fairly neutral, but modern. Perhaps in front of some historic buildings or staircases? The possibilities are endless :)

For some reason I included some shade of orange into almost every outfit theme and it just dawned on me that my own family pictures next week will also incorporate orange! Guess I am in an orange kinda mood! Which outfit do you like the best? What color have you been diggin' lately?

Enjoy and stay tuned for my family photos that will be posted next week!