Litte Indians Preschool


At the end of March I took preschool pictures of Little Indians Preschool. These ornery kids were FULL of life and laughter! It really is so precious to snap a picture of a child’s true smile or smirk. Those are expressions that we, as parents, cannot have enough of. Why? Because before you know it they are texting, driving (NOT at the same time) and telling us they wish they were never born. So it is important to capture their true innocence and joy for life while we still can. Every child had their own personality and individualism. I especially enjoyed taking pictures of them because when you take pictures of young children I throw all rules out the window. If they are not havin’ the pose I suggested for them I let each kid sit how they wanted to and did everything possible to get their genuine smile to come out. THAT is the fun part. They can roar loud like a lion, scream at the top of their lungs or jump around like a rabbit. As soon as they are done yelling or jumping…. they are grinning from ear to ear. I think it is physically impossible for a child to roaaarrrr like a lion and then not let out a smile.