ABOUT Melissa Jane Photography:

Photography is a form of art and placing high end artwork on your walls for you to cherish for years to come is my goal. I like to think I am a creative soul. I have never been one to follow the rules - which is why photography is a perfect fit. Photography has no boundaries. It's just me, you and my camera. I capture the world how I see it through my eyes. My focus is to document your family as authentically as possible. No fake smiles, no saying cheese or other types of food. Just real and organic moments that happen on a daily basis! It truly has been such a wonderful journey and I am excited to see what the future brings for MJP. 


I am a mother and a wife. My parents are deaf. I have been with my husband since I was 17 years young.  I watch Friends every night before bed even though I have seen every episode at least 100 times. I always have something sweet after dinner - ALWAYS. Reality TV shows are my weakness. I cry on a daily basis. When communicating via text/email I overuse exclamation marks. I am bluntly honest. Rarely sugar coat things. Love to laugh. Lastly, I am abnormally obsessed with cats. Seriously. Obsessed.